The Three Levels of Prayer: Level 1 – Asking

Jesus, while giving a series of sermon on the mount, mentioned the three levels of prayer. Although, He didn’t give an in-depth information about each of them, His emphasis on that day was that anyone who prays (whether asking, seeking or knocking), will have answer to his prayer. However, further meditation on the scripture has made me know that there are actually three different levels of prayer: the least being asking; followed by the greater – seeking; and the greatest- knocking.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. (Matthew 7:7-8)

There are different levels of Christians and Christians at each level do pray the types of prayers equivalent to their levels. Because the highest proportion of Christians are occupying the first level, their prayers are always the level-one prayer – asking. In fact, most of the teachers who teach prayer mostly teach people asking and the prayer of many christians are only limited to asking, but this is not all there is to prayer, there is definitely much more!

The Prayer of Asking

The prayer of asking in this context is offering supplications before God for the necessities of this life. This could be asking God for provision of job, of food, shelter, clothing, money, protection, health, peace, husband, wife and many other things. It could also be asking for pardon, but on a large scale, it is petitioning for a momentary want or need. Be not confused, there is no one who prays that does not pray the prayer of asking, but while all your prayers everyday centres around “asking”, certain men are not limited to that. They have ascended to the level of seeking and knocking.

Many times, many have wondered that all the men of God, saying they pray for this number of hours, how are they able to achieve that? What are they asking for? What are they saying? Is there any need for that? Is that not religiousity plus faithlessness plus vain repetition? Besides, why do I need fasting for many days and stay long in prayer while I can just go to God in the corner of my room and table my request before Him in faith? Is praying for long not tantamount to faithlessness? If I ask in three minutes, won’t God answer? Is prayer answered by longevity?

The questions above are some of the many questions people are asking daily in their hearts and today, this article will attempt to respond to the question. Friend, you can stay in the corner of your room and ask for whatever you need in three minutes and if you really pray in faith, you will have answer to your prayer. But I tell you a truth, it is only the prayer of asking you can pray that way. It is the least of the three levels of prayer. However, if anyone would ascend to a higher spiritual level today, the fellow needs change the gear of his prayer to seeking and knocking. While I will diligently encourage you to ascend to the higher level (seeking and knocking), it is needful for me to tell you that you must be ready to forget yourself in place of prayer if you truly want to seek or knock.

The great men of God you are seeing across the globe today are seekers and knockers. There is really no much difference between you and they. They have no special secret other than the one you already know – prayer. Just that while you only know and pray the prayer of asking, they are praying the prayer of seeking and knocking. While you only ask in faith for five minutes, they are there on their knees for hours, seeking. While you are only taught to ask for ten minutes, they have learnt how to stay on the mountain top for days, knocking, having the door opened, entering and being radiated with the glory of God’s presence.

Do you know the implication of this? An asker is only given that which he needs for the moment; but a seeker is made a custodian of great mysteries, deep things of God and great spiritual riches; while a knocker knocks, enters, beholds His face, have his countenance changed and coming out, he becomes His representative, His beloved son, in whom He is well pleased, who He will command all the creatures to hear and obey. While an asker enjoys that which he has received for the moment, a seeker who is a custodian of the great mysteries and riches becomes a solution to the problems of a generation.

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